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You can donate financially either by: Mail-in form or On-line!

Honorarium & Memorials:

The online form will let you explain any honorarium or memorial intent.

PACA is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible
and we will gladly provide a receipt upon request.

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PACA/AAR continues to benefit from its founder’s estate. Irene Stockman demonstrated her commitment to PACA/AAR with a lasting legacy of her love and devotion to animals. You can be among those who have provided for the future of our community’s animals friends.

Since 1973 PACA/AAR has provided food, shelter and medical care to thousands of unwanted dogs and cats in our community. Our most pressing problem is funding. PACA/AAR relies on donations, bequests, endowments, grants, revenue from fund raising events and adoption fees to operate. If it were not for donations given by caring, generous, and personally committed individuals like you, we could not continue to provide basic necessities to those animals in desperate need.

Power Giving: the United Way

When you donate money to United Way of Central New Mexico, exactly where does it go? Who does it benefit? Who makes those decisions? You decide. As a service to you, the donor, those who wish may designate all or part of their gift to any 501(c)3 organization. Many employers augment their employees’ gifts to the United Way. This makes a gift to the United Way a Power Gift! So, next time your employer runs a United Way campaign, choose PACA/AAR.

Wells Fargo Bank Automatic Donation

If your bank at Well Fargo they can set up your account to donate to us automatically! Please consult your bank representative to set this up.


One of the simplest methods of providing a planned gift, the bequest is a powerful statement of your concern for PACA/AAR and the homeless animals it shelters. Bequests are an instrument of a contributor’s will that sets aside a sum of money, a portion of the estate or a portion of the estate’s residuary for distribution to a charitable organization to which the testator is committed. The bequest can be small or large. It can be assigned with out any qualifications by the contributor, or it can be designated or restricted for use to a program of interest. You can help PACA/AAR with a lasting contribution by including such a provision in your will or living trust. Your inclusion of an animal welfare group, such as PACA/AAR, in a personal will shows a deep commitment to caring for our earthly neighbors whose needs will continue long after we are gone. Through planned giving, you know that your gifts will continue even past your lifetime.

Preparing a will is a very private matter. It is also a highly technical document. Every state dictates its own rules. The goal of these technicalities is to protect you and to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. However, a will need not be long or complicated. Download our suggested forms for wills: (We strongly suggest consulting with your attorney prior to including any charitable organization in your will.)

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