People’s Anti Cruelty Association /Albuquerque Animal Rescue (PACA), a No-Kill rescue group, was founded in 1973. Our main mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehouse homeless dogs and cats. PACA has no shelter facility and relies on an organized network of foster parents who graciously take animals into their homes and hearts until permanent homes are found.

RESCUE: No-Kill means that healthy, adoptable animals are not destroyed because they are homeless or to make room for another animal. The No-Kill concept allows PACA to offer an alternative program for homeless, abandoned, sick, and injured animals. The number of animals we can assist depends on the foster care and financial resources available.

REHABILITATE: PACA devotes resources to correct an animal’s health or behavioral problems. For animals that arrive suffering from severe degenerative illness or injuries that permanently compromise the animals quality of life, PACA uses humane euthanization to end their suffering. About 1% of the animals we receive need this service.

REHOUSE: No-Kill rescue requires short and long term temporary housing for animals. This is best met by foster caregivers, not traditional kennel facilities. Fosters are also responsible for bringing their foster animal to adoption clinics.

PACA is committed to helping solve the greater problem of pet overpopulation. By using and advocating strong sterilization policies, implementing aggressive adoption programs and promoting active community involvement, PACA effectively participates in improving the lives of animals in our community.

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