Foster Parent Program

We are in great need of foster parents and volunteers. Fostering can be done with no long-term commitment, and it is a very rewarding experience. It’s an easy and fun way to spend time with a cat or dog!


A dog can stay at your home as long as you like, and you can return it at any time. On Saturdays you bring it to our adoption clinic if possible. Fostering allows the dog to remain adapted to a home environment, and this makes the adjustment to a new home easier when they are adopted. If you would like to foster a dog, please e-mail or call 315-0004, or stop by our dog adoption clinic.

Click here to download the Dog Foster Care Questionnaire.


Cat fosters are needed for kittens (or moms and kittens) too young to adopt out; for cats needing medication or recovery time after a medical treatment; or for cats who just need a break from being in a cage. You can foster a cat for just a week, or you can have a litter of kittens from birth until they’re 3 months old. We’re very flexible. Some cats can interact with your own cats and dogs; others will do great if they stay in a separate room such as a bedroom. If you’re interested in fostering cats, please email us at or call (505) 255-0544 and leave a message.

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