Feral Cats

Do You Need Help with a Feral Cat Colony?

January is the perfect time for TNR! Last fall’s kittens are big enough to fix, and their moms aren’t quite pregnant again yet. No, it is NOT too cold!! CALL US RIGHT NOW.

If you have outdoor cats in your neighborhood, or you are feeding outdoor cats, you can get them spayed/neutered for FREE–no strings attached and no hoops to jump through.

E-mail us at: pacacats@aol.com

Or call: (505) 255-0544 and leave a message.

PACA can do the trapping for you, or loan you traps and show you how to use them yourself. New Mexico Animal Friends Street Cat Companions, Best Friends, Animal Humane New Mexico, and the City of Albuquerque all underwrite and fund this effort. The cats will be fixed, treated for any medical issues they have, and get their shots. Please contact us NOW, before there is another litter!

Feral Cat Facts

-         Adult  feral cats cannot usually be adopted out from a shelter, because they are not used to being around humans

-         If feral kittens are introduced and socialized to humans before about 5 weeks, there is  hope for them to be adopted

-         A stray (not feral) cat can be adopted; these are the cats that have been abandoned or strayed from home and got lost

-         Feral cats are actually documented as being healthier than many house cats, due to the hardiness they gain from living outside

-        The main cause of wildlife depletion is not feral cats but actually human made structures and creations

-         The catch and kill method does not work in reducing cat numbers

-         The most proven method of managing feral cat populations is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

TNR Basics

-         Trap = humanely trap cats

-         Neuter = taking cats in their traps to a veterinarian or sterilization clinic to be fixed,  vaccinated, and ear tipped

-         Return = take the cats in their traps back to their outdoor environment and release them

-         Set a feeding schedule where you feed and provide water to the cats at the same time and place every day (1-2 weeks before scheduled trapping)

-         Withhold this food 24 hours before trapping day (no wet food and no dry food–but have water bowls available)

-         Set traps on level ground, near where you have been feeding

-         Cover the trap with a towel or blanket after a cat has been caught, so it will be less scared

-         After their time at the vet/clinic, return the cats to where they were trapped

Benefits of TNR

-         Reduced population of cat colonies

-         Less noise and fighting due to cat mating behavior when unsterilized

-         Less odor from male spraying

-         Lower euthanasia rates at shelters for both feral and adoptable cats

-         Lower animal control costs

-         A reduction in overall community complaints about cats


Other Albuquerque Spay/Neuter Options

1) Organization: Best Friends

Number: 505-440-3441,  albuquerqueccp@bestfriends.org

Days: All



2) Organization: Street Cat Companions (NM Animal Friends)

Number: 505-881-7297

Days: Second Sunday of Every Month: Animal Humane (615 Virginia SE)


Comments: Each cat accompanied by pet carrier and towel; Drop-off at 8:00am


3) Organization: Animal Humane NM

Number: 505-217-0300

Days: Monday-Thursday

* Currently No Fee

Comments: Each cat in a trap covered with a towel/blanket, also bring an empty pet carrier with towel for each cat; Drop-off from 7:00 to 7:30 am


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