Feral Cats

Can You Help Us Spay/Neuter Albuquerque?

We need people that are willing to trap feral cats in their neighborhoods. With your help, we can prevent the growth of feral cat colonies.

We will:

1) Let you know as we find out about cats needing TNR in your neighborhood

2) Loan you traps and show you how to use them (it’s easy!)

3) Provide spay/neuter surgeries for the cats

4) Return the cats to your neighborhood

You will:

1) Set traps

2) Check traps

3) Bring trapped cats to us for surgeries

Interested in helping? Email us at pacacats@aol.com. Together we can take good care of Albuquerque’s cats.

Do You Need Help with a Feral Cat Colony?

If you have outdoor cats in your neighborhood, or you are feeding outdoor cats, we can help you get them spayed/neutered for FREE–no strings attached and no hoops to jump through. After they have been fixed, they will be returned to where they were trapped.

E-mail us at: pacacats@aol.com

Or call: (505) 255-0544 and leave a message.

PACA can do the trapping for you, or loan you traps and show you how to use them yourself.  Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, PetSmart Charities, and the City of Albuquerque all underwrite and fund this effort. The cats will be fixed, treated for any medical issues they have, and get their shots. Please contact us NOW, before there is another litter!

Feral Cat Facts

Feral cats do not make good pets, because they are not used to being around people and they are afraid of us. But they can live very successfully outdoors, even throughout the winter. If you can put food out for them, all the better! But it is extremely important that they be spayed/neutered. Not only do we not need any more litters of kittens, but fixed cats are much healthier and are also less likely to roam. Your neighbors will appreciate it too!


TNR Basics

-         Trap = humanely trap cats

-         Neuter = taking cats in their traps to a veterinarian or sterilization clinic to be fixed,  vaccinated, and ear tipped

-         Return = take the cats in their traps back to their outdoor environment and release them

We will come to your place and trap the cats.  We ask that you not feed for 24 hours before trapping, because really hungry cats are much easier to trap. We’ll then come and set the traps at the time you’d normally feed. We’ll have with us some irresistible smelly bait, such as sardines. We’ll bring a lot of traps so we can catch all of the cats at one time. As the cats are trapped we’ll come pick them up. They’ll get fixed the next day, and the day after that they will be ready for us to return to you. Easy!

Benefits of TNR

-         Reduced population of cat colonies

-         Less noise and fighting due to cat mating behavior when unsterilized

-         Less odor from male spraying

-         Lower animal control costs

-         A reduction in overall community complaints about cats


Other Albuquerque Spay/Neuter Options

1) Organization: Best Friends

Number: 505-440-3441,  albuquerqueccp@bestfriends.org

Days: All



2) Organization: Animal Humane NM

Number: 505-217-0300

Days: Monday-Thursday

* Currently FREE

Comments: Each cat in a trap covered with a towel/blanket, also bring an empty pet carrier with towel for each cat; Drop-off from 7:00 to 7:30 am


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